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» Eat Locally Challenge from Based On A True Story....
Jen, over at Life Begins at 30 has an interesting challenge. For the month of August commit to eat locally. Your level over committment is up to you. It could be for every meal, just dinners, once a week, or once during the month. The idea is to le... [Read More]

» Eat Local Challenge. from Spittoon.biz
While this eminates from across the pond I am sure all UK foodies (and those across Europe too) will embrace the 'Eat Local Challenge' from web-blog Life Begins At 30. Life Begins at 30"For the month of August, I would like to invite all bloggers to jo... [Read More]

» Eat Local Challenge from Little Fish Creations
Riscy and I have decided to accept the Eat Local challenge. It is mid winter here, so I think we will need to be fairly creative this August My definition of local is Gippsland and the Greater Melbourne area. My personal committment to this challenge is [Read More]



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